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About us

Mip Data Recovery

The company was created by merging two dynamically growing IT companies. One of them specialised in data recovery, the other in designing and implementing network security systems.

Combination of advanced technology, knowledge and experience resulted in high specialization of MiP Data Recovery. The company quickly became one of the leaders in the field of data recovery. Currently our share in the market is about 35-40% and growing.


MiP Data Recovery, as one of a few companies, have specialized laboratory with anti-dust chamber, so-called clean room, where operations on open drives, requiring highest purity conditions, can be performed. Our laboratory has been equipped in ULPA air filters, which are able to intercept 99.99% of particles larger than 0.3 microns - conditions similar to those in hard drives factories.

References from our customers are proof of our professionalism and quality of offered services.

Our services are used by private customers, companies and institutions. Years of experience and technologically advanced equipment gives our services high effectiveness and probability of success.

MiP Data Recovery effectiveness – updated quarterly:

Data recovery:

ico89 % - logical damages
ico99 % - electronics damages
ico88 % - mechanical damages

Types of data carriers damages registered for data recovery process

ico8 % - logical damages
ico13 % - electronics damages
ico79 % - mechanical damages

Types of data carriers delivered for analysis

ico4 % - CD/DVD/Floppy
ico7 % - Flash cards
ico46 % - 3.5 inch ATA/SATA HDDs
ico5 % - 2.5 inch ATA/SATA HDDs
ico8 % - 3.5 inch SCSI HDDs

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